Why charter your yacht ?

Chartering your yacht offers great advantages that more and more owners choose to benefit from, that is why charter marketing strategies are very useful.

First of all, it is indeed a great means to offset part of the yearly expenses. Besides, when you are not on board, your yacht is not idle.  Your fully crewed vessel is operating and, making sure the guests take great care of your yacht.

How to make your yacht clearly visible ?

In order to charter your yacht, it is very important for you to choose the right partner. As more and more yachts join the charter market, setting your yacht apart is crucial as well as maintaining on going marketing actions to optimize its visibility on the market all year round.

In order to receive as many bookings as possible,  a charter yacht needs to follow a well thought marketing strategy. Our experience in the industry ensures that your yacht is promoted to a maximum number of key players in the charter market: charter agencies, conciergeries, luxury hotels, personal assistants, etc…

Our marketing background will be very valuable to design successful campaigns:

  • E-mailings,
  • Charter shows,
  • Open days,
  • Bespoke brochures
  • and a well-referenced web site.

Finally, our reputation will do the rest.  As entrusted managers, we are responsible for the global management of the yachts we offer for charter. We know and understand perfectly the operating of each yacht we manage and/or charter: we know their full amenities, their outstanding features, their operating crew. Indeed,  we are the ones who have hired and trained the crew to offer a five star service, have tested the chefs, etc. We also take care of following the yearly maintenance, etc… That makes a compelling difference and raise your chances to have a successful charter management.