Which luxurious present for Christmas ?

Just one and a half day left before Christmas ! You are still looking for exclusive, unique and luxurious presents for your family & friends ? If your budget is unlimited, you can really find some truly incredible gifts ranging from cakes embellished with jewels to caviar presented in the most decadent way. There is no limit to the treasures you can find at Christmas.

Our favorite selection : the Christian Louboutin shoes, the MacBook pro in marble, and the Möet and Chandon MCIII vintage of Champagne.


Christian Louboutin : « Pigalle Follies Strass Suede »

Capture d’écran 2015-12-23 à 11.09.55

 Möet et Chandon MCIIICapture d’écran 2015-12-23 à 11.17.44

 Limited edition : Marble Mac