7 Useful Things to Bring on a Yacht Charter Vacation

POSTED BY Coline on 31/01/2019

When planning a charter vacation there are some strategic aspects you must think of, like choosing your destination, where to spend each night, the best spots to visit, restaurants worth stepping by or best snorkeling locations. Your charter broker and captain will work hard to provide you with the best advices and propositions but there are some useful things you can take with you in order to make your charter the most agreeable and be ready for enjoying your vacation on board.
#1 Rethink your suitcase.
More and more people prefer using hard-shell suitcases while travelling but that is not the best when renting yachts. Collapsible duffel bags fit better and might be more useful when it comes to charter vacations.
#2 Sun Protection on Point
The sun is very strong on the open sea. Do not forget to take with you sun-protection lotions, hats, sunglasses. Tees, tank tops, sarongs (for women) and lightweight pants will also be the great options to take a break from the sunbathing and giving your skin a rest.
#3 Bring Appropriate Clothes
Your yacht is your own personal paradise, so there’s no dress code but there are some essentials you will need. Your bathing suit will likely be both the first thing you throw on in the morning and the last thing you take off. So, you will definitely need one… Or five. Also, the evenings might be a little chilly due to the sea breezes. It’s good to prepare a light sweater or jacket for this occasion. 
#4 Don’t Forget Your Meds
Even if you are not sensitive to waves make sure you bring seasickness medicine with you. The yacht will surely be equipped with different medicines but is better to pack what works for you and your guests. Also, if you are planning your charter vacation in foreign countries, their medications might be unfamiliar to you. Prevention will be your best friend.
#5 Good Camera Is What You Need
Charter vacation is one of the best occasions for the unforgettable holidays’ pictures. Even if you are used to taking photos with your smartphone camera, you might need more professional equipment to handle conditions with lots of glare, haze, and sunlight. For the best holiday shots bring with you an underwater camera. The most brilliant photos guaranteed!
#6 Earplugs Might Be a Good Company
Sleeping on board a yacht is quite different to what you are used to. It’s not going to be noisy but be aware of the unfamiliar creaks of the yacht, the soft hum of the air conditioner, or the lap of the water. For most people, they are pleasant murmurs that lull them to sleep but there’s no harm packing a pair for that first night just in case.
#7 Waterproof phone pouch or case. 

You don’t need these…until you really need them.

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