Top-5 Destinations for escape from the winter

POSTED BY on 20/12/2018

Are you looking to escaping the cold winter? We have created our TOP 5 places to visit and enjoy the sun and warm temperatures. Let us know your favourite one and we can help you finding a Yacht or a Sailing boat.

#1 Curaçao

Renowned for its beautiful coves, coral reefs and rich marine life, Curaçao is a state of the Netherlands, located 66km north of the Venezuelan coast. Besides its beauty, travellers are seduced by its rich culture and its delicious gastronomic tradition. Enjoy as well the traditional music called, “tumba", a mixture between merengue and jazz.

#2 Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a country located in the southern Caribbean comprising a main island, St. Vincent, and a chain of smaller islands. Get seduced by its beauty, its yachting ports, its private chic islands and its volcanic landscapes. Get to know its rich culture, especially its delicious gastronomic tradition and its music.

#3 Barbados - The chic stopover of the West Indies

Known for its friendly residents, and exquisite local cuisine, Rihanna’s island is a little piece of heaven mixing jet-set and local atmosphere.
Are you looking for long walks on sunny beaches, romantic getaways and wild water sports?
Go to Barbados!

#4 St-Barth - for a trendy and luxury trip

Beaches lined with coconut palms, calm and serene atmosphere, luxury hotel and high quality service ... Saint-Barthélémy is a little gem of the French West Indies, a destination both trendy and conducive to relaxation and rest. Relaxing during the day and exciting during the night, the island offers a relaxing and entertaining vacation.
Well-known for being the “Eldorado” of celebrities, is also full of nightclubs and gourmet restaurants.

#5 Cuba – A country between history and festivities

Cuba is a mythical island, a country stopped in time, frozen in the 50s. Visiting Cuba is meeting its warm people, discovering the roots of salsa, getting amazed by collection cars and sunbathing on its paradisiac beaches.

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