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Charter process

We will guide you through the entire process of chartering a yacht, making the planning and preparation as inspiring and fun as the charter itself!


your Charter Yacht

Firstly, think about the type of yacht that would best suit the size and character of your charter party. Our charter collection will give you all the information you need in terms of yacht size, guest capacity, price, leisure facilities and cruising areas, so you should have no problem selecting three or four yachts that you like in the areas you want to visit. 
If you are not sure, we will give you advices on which are the best for you based on your plans.
The best


As soon as you have made the exciting decision to go onboard a yacht charter, and you have chosen a few that you like, contact us and we will work with you to provide you the best experience on board. Your yacht will be your own private floating hotel all along your holidays 
Once we have worked together and decided on a yacht and secured its availability, we will send you the paperwork to confirm the arrangements. The charter fee comprises use of the insured yacht with crew, from her home port and back. A yacht is firmly booked at the charter agreement signature and payment of half charter fee. At least one month before the date of embarkment, the remainder of the charter fee and all other amounts due (APA, delivery fees, and any deposits) must be settled.


From this point, we will, together with the captain, begin to prepare the charter, overseeing every detail – from hiring any special equipment, securing all the arrangements and provisioning the yacht with all your favorite, requested items to ensure everything is in place to make it the holiday of a lifetime.
You will be sent a form to fill with your preferences and requests. Then your captain and the crew will begin to preprare all the details of your charter and ultimate the details with all your favortites requests. 


All necessary expenses related to the yacht and her passengers are charged to the charterer, such as:
– port and mooring dues, water and electricity provided by the port
– fuel and lubricants (yacht engines, generators, tenders and water toys …)
– catering costs for guests (food and beverage)
– telecommunication
– all expenses resulting from requests made by the charterer or his/her guests, such as newspapers, flowers, tips, …
These expenses are paid through the APA. This provision normally equates to 30% of the charter fee, but is sometimes more. The funds are entrusted to the captain to provision the yacht in accordance with your instructions. Throughout the cruise, you will be updated on the state of expenses; necessary additional funds may be requested. Before disembarkment, the captain will give you a detailed breakdown of expenses incurred with the accompanying receipts, and will refund any credit balance.
Delivery fees


Delivery fees may apply if the embarkment and/or disembarkment port is different to the yacht’s home port. Those fees are usually based on the fuel consumption required for the transfer.

Tipping is customary but not obligatory and left to the Charterer’s discretion. It usually ranges between 5-10% of the charter fee and is given to the Captain for further share with the crew.
Taxes and fuel


All our yachts are classified for commercial use, which provides TAX advantages during your charter on certain cases, depending on the destination and type of contract.
VAT rates vary within the European Union (EU). Outside of the EU, local taxes may also be levied. Depending on the port and navigation zone, vessels registered for commercial use can generally fill-up on untaxed fuel.

Some owners may request for a deposit to secure any damage to the yacht or her equipment.

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