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CAPRI & THE AMALFI COAST - Naples- Capri - Positano - Palmarola - Ponza – Rome 7-days itinerary

CAPRI & THE AMALFI COAST - Naples- Capri - Positano - Palmarola - Ponza – Rome 7-days itinerary

The Amalfi coast – is one of the most spectacular cruising routes. Legendary destination offers visitors a delightful mix of Italian glamour, wonderful food, breathtaking views and postcard-perfect villages. You will find here a good balance between a welcome dose of solitude and buzz of Capri and Rome.


Naples, Capri

Embark at Naples, located at the foot of famous Vesuvius, the great starting point for experiencing the delights of the Amalfi coast. Cruise to Marina Grande on the Island of Capri. The marina is just a short stroll from colorful winding streets full of high -end boutiques and elegant restaurants, so you might want to stay onshore a bit longer and enjoy your dinner here.

DAY 2-3


Spend these days cruising around Capri. The island has so much to offer including some private and beautiful anchorages and spots accessible by yacht only. Discover the Grotta Bianca, the Arco Naturale, the Faraglioni rocks and the bay of Marina Piccola.



Sail to Positano – colorful legendary village that clings to the steep cliffside.
This is probably the only place in the world where the panoramic view of the town is more beautiful than the seascape behind you. Stay onboard and take advantage of the yacht’s water toys.
Enjoy delicious dinner by your private chef, overlooking the memorable views of Positano.



After the breakfast, head towards the most remote islands of Italy’s Pontine archipelago.
Discover Palmarola – secret paradise in the Mediterranean. This uninhabited tiny isle surrounded by transparent blue waters, will mesmerize you with its handsome coastline, grottoes and cliffs. It’s a wonderful area for swimming, snorkeling and exploring caves.



Cruise to Ponza, the largest of the Pontine island and one more well-kept Italian secret.
Ponza is a volcanic outcrop that has been inhabited since Neolithic times. It has many archaeological ruins, primarily Etruscan and Roman, along with blue grottoes and charming streets with colorful houses. Take your time to discover Ponza with its lively atmosphere, some excellent restaurants and late-night drinking and dancing.



Sail to Rome, the final destination of your gorgeous cruise. Enjoy sunbathing on the desk and memorize delightful surroundings of the Amalfi coast.

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